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Citius x Velocracy

The Velocracy pitching operating system focuses on the
development of mechanics and pitchers becoming a complete pitcher. These days, most
pitching programs are built around simply throwing as hard as possible. Pitchers are often
unaware or forget that there are many other factors to developing ones velocity.
Velocracy development includes:
- arm health
- pitching command
- throwing velocity
- pitching mechanics
- development of the off speed pitches
- learning to attack hitters
- pitch sequence
- recovery
- video analysis
- library of pitching drills
- proper warm-ups
- pregame preparation

Check out our Velocracy camp recap below!

Velocracy Camp Recap

    Citius USA Baseball’s New Threads

    There’s a lot of excitement around the 2022 baseball season. Citius received Four fresh new uniforms to jump start the spring. Our new designs will keep us light and cool at The Ball Park.  Coaches and players are ready to play someone in another uniform. We are torn between the blue with gold  and the white with piping. We are especially fond of the all grays v-neck jersey.

    Winter Development Meeting (Texas Rangers Youth Academy)


    Hosted by: Texas Rangers 

    Matt Lucero & Taylor Hearn

    About the speaker

    Matt Lucero, is Head Athletic Trainer with the Texas Rangers organization. He was added to the Texas Rangers Major League staff prior to the 2011 season. Lucero’s career began with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Rookie team in Princeton, West Virginia (1999). He is a graduate of New Mexico State University where he obtained a BS in Athletic Training Education. Born in Fairview, NM, Lucero now resides in Grapevine, Texas


    • Creating good arm care habits to prevent arm injuries in youth baseball.
    • Pitchers MUST make time for arm care
    • How to get your arm ready for baseball season
    • Know the difference between soreness and pain
    • Arm Care for Pitchers Q&A
    • Should pitchers’ ice or heat their arms?
    • Should youth baseball pitchers throw off speed pitches? Breaking balls? Changeups?
    • What age should pitchers start throwing curve balls? (youth baseball)
    • For teams that play a lot of tournaments where the pitchers might be throwing once a week, what do you recommend for bullpens during the middle of the week?
    • Which pitching mechanics cause injury?  What to watch for...
    • Tools to help with pitching mechanics